Java Application Performance Tuning

Java Application Performance Tuning - Appdex

Java Application Performance Tuning – Appdex

Why Java Application Performance Tuning?

At Prowave, Java Application Performance Tuning is what we do.  All Java applications need to be tuned.  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all JVM.  The experts at Prowave Consulting have been performing Java application performance tuning for almost 20 years, since the first JVMs were released.  The concept of the JVM is simple; write code once, then run it anywhere.  Tuning that application to handle thousands of requests per minute is not so simple.  Getting the most performance out of your new Java application depends heavily on the physical platform to which you are deploying.

There are many tuning parameters that are common between the physical architectures, and there are specific parameters that have different effects on Windows and Unix.  You need a trusted professional that can quickly evaluate your architecture, provide you with some quick wins, and put a long term growth and scalability strategy in place.

Will Tuning Help Me?

Yes!  If you have never had a professional Java Architect tune your application then you are not releasing the full potential of the Java platform.   We have seen well written, well tuned applications process the same number of requests as poorly written, poorly tuned applications.  But, they do it using one-fifth of the hardware.  Are you throwing money and hardware at your Java performance issues?  You can stop now, take a sigh of relief, and focus your efforts on long term solutions.

Java Performance Tuning Services

Prowave Consulting offers a variety of Java Application Performance Tuning services in order to serve companies of all sizes.  You can buy a block of support hours for emergencies.  If you are building a new application, you can buy a block of hours for code reviews and pre-production JVM configuration.

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